Investment Strategy

Open-ended Fund Lease-type Fund Public Financed Large-scale development Fund Foreign Real Estate Direct/Indirect Fund Development Fund
  • Utilize Mplus network and experience
  • Establish the fund only after conducting in-depth due diligence around business feasibility
  • Uncover various real estate opportunities (business, residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, etc.)
  • Simple rental managing value-add strategy structure
  • Mplus synergy effect
  • Secure anchor tenant in advance to minimize risk
  • Enter the market through JVs with overseas reputable real estate asset managers
  • Focus on both early stage indirect investments and mid stage direct investment
  • Build products by structuring various types of funds
Investing Structure
  • Establish development SPCs with financial institutions
  • Set up senior loan /mezzanine funds
  • Direct purchase of real assets
  • Broaden investment opportunities through acquiring minority interest in companies with real assets
  • Participate as a financial investor in a consortium formed by other asset managers
  • Initially, co-investment in indirect products with excellent track records
  • In mid-stage, acquire real assets or invest in development projects
  • New capital demand incurred due to introduction of post-sale system
  • Expertise compared to traditional asset management companies
  • Enter into a stable rental lease contract
  • Long-term contracts over 3 years preferred
  • Increase in urban development projects with private sector participation opportunities
  • Expansion of fund size by participating in large-scale projects
  • Demand is expected to increase in line with the government's policy to promote overseas investment
  • Possible Potential to link various overseas business
  • Satisfy investor needs through various diversified investments
  • Development-related risks (site purchase, dispossession, business license, sale, post-sale follow-up, etc.)
  • Excessive purchase price from heightened competition could lead to permanent impairment of capital
  • Prolonged vacancy risk and exit risk at maturity
  • Various risks related to development projects such as sale risks
  • Extended payback period
  • Risk of local economic fluctuations and policy changes
  • Exchange rate risk, other risks arising from difficulty in direct management
  • Concerns about declining returns when risk hedge is put in place